Nomnom Story Invites Swedish Influencers to a One-Of-A-Kind Kitchen Party

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The best parties take place in the kitchen, right?

And that’s exactly why my dear culinary partner-in-crime, Fia Gulliksson, and I decided to invite Swedish food influencers to a culinary kitchen party when I was asked by the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission and their European head PR agency MK2 to put the sweet potato onto Swedish shopping lists. 

Read further to find out how we set up this event and why it was such a success. But caution: text may contain some seriously sweet potato yumminess.


The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission and their Germany-based PR agency MK2, which oversees all European communication activities


American sweet potatoes have made their way into nearly every grocery store in Sweden. But they are not yet a must-have in Swedish homes. The reason: many consumers are not sure how to cook the delicious vegetable and what to serve with it.


Create media exposure for North Carolina sweet potatoes by inviting Stockholm-based food influencers to a cosy kitchen party. The idea: guests were to receive loads of sweet potato inspiration, enjoy a delicious lunch of 10 finger-food dishes and mingle with inspiring chefs and North Carolina farmers.

The signature

We created a special interactive setting and the opportunity for one-on-one conversations; to truly inspire our guests it was important to stay away from a mass event setting.

Plus, I wanted ours to stand out from the weekly invitations that food influencers in Stockholm receive, so we needed to offer a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. I did this by partnering with not one but three chefs who would cook together in front of and with the guests. I also added a welcome pinch of exclusivity by bringing in inspiring chefs from outside the capital.

While Karolina Sparring, dish creator and stylist at Sweden’s largest ingredients and recipe service Linas Matkasse, invited us into her food studio kitchen Mosebacke Matstudio, two awesome food creators flew in from northern Sweden and Norway: Fia Gulliksson from my hometown Östersund and Richard Nystad from Norwegian Trondheim. Together, the three chefs created ten super-tasty recipes especially for North Carolina Sweet Potatoes.

With Richard being one of the best-known Norwegian veggie and vegan chefs, we not only ensured that green food bloggers had an interesting conversation partner at the event, but also that the recipes were en vogue with the green food trend.

Chef Fia Gulliksson, also an inspiring TEDx speaker, hosted the event, presented the unique features of sweet potatoes from North Carolina and ensured that everyone felt involved in this awesome, casual let’s-cook-and-eat experience.

Photo Credits: North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

Photo Credits: North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

The results

Fifteen food journalists, recipe creators, chefs and bloggers registered for this wonderful kitchen party. The guests mingled with North Carolina farmers, representatives from the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. They published beautiful Instagram stories and went home with delicious ideas that made it into over 50 publications and appearances in cooking classes, consumer recipe brochures, food Blogs, women’s and food magazines.

So, what did they eat?

The yumminess ranged from sesame-crusted sweet potatoes with vegan mayonnaise, to homemade sweet potato gnocchi, oven baked sweet potatoes topped with homemade ginger and lime butter, and even sweet potato quesadillas with chilli and cilantro. Fancy some sweet potato scones, anyone?

All recipes are no-brainers and super easy to make at home. They truly show that sweet potatoes are an ingredient everyone should have at home. Be sure to look out for the recipes I’ll be publishing soon on this blog.