German Marketing Translations with a Sprinkling of Something Super


Your copy.

It’s been given the full brainstorming, blue sky thinking treatment by your marketing department so your clients feel

all the feels

when they read it. Like you know them. Like you “get” them. Because you do.

And now you’re expanding into new markets.

Next stop: Germany!

You excitedly package up your text and send it across to be translated. Because really, all you need is someone to look up the words in German, right?


Um… no. I mean, you could. But it might be a bit… accurate.

But accurate is great!

Sure. Accuracy is definitely a good thing. But what about accurate and stylish?

Even better, what about, accurate, stylish and as awesome as your original? Sounds like a recipe for success, huh? (I work in the food and beverage sector, I’m always going to sneak in a recipe reference.)

I guess I should sneak in an introduction too.


Hi! I’m Barbara.

I ensure your German texts sparkle... a cool glass of Sekt on a hot afternoon. Just like they do in their original French, English or Swedish.

How do I do that?

My specialties are your specialities. I dedicate my time to marketing and PR for food, beverage and lifestyle companies. You know, companies like yours.

I deal in feels. I make your customers feel awesome just by reading your website (kinda how I’m making you feel awesome right now.)

My experience in marketing and PR, along with my writing skills, ensures that the German copy isn’t the poor, perfectly accurate (yes, we’re using that as an insult) relative of its sassy original counterpart. It’s a beautifully crafted, carefully constructed creation in its own right. Because that’s what your brand deserves. 

Creativity, craft and a sprinkling of something super.