When you pop on to their news feed or into their inbox, your potential clients are going to react in one of two ways:

Oh, go away.


Oooh! Tell me more!

What makes the difference between the first and the second responses?

The base: Any good story, like any good cake, must have a rich, flavoursome base, with a generous sprinkle of relevance. The flavoursome base being the awesome individuals who pour their heart and soul into the metaphorical batter of the business.

The icing: Providing your customers with what they expect. Entertainment? Club feeling? Awesome customer service? It’s all about providing the right solution to the right people through the right channel.  

The cherry on top: The words you choose to communicate. That cherry shows that you listen to and communicate for your customers. Remembering whether your customer likes a beautiful dark red Morello or is more of a maraschino type is the difference between having customers who feel cherished, rather than just a number on a subscriber list.

Baking a cake in German. Or Swedish: When you move into a new market, it’s daunting. All of a sudden, you don’t know who you’re communicating with. Having cookie cutter content without the input from a PR and marketing consultant who’s specialized in the foreign market could leave your customers with a sour (cherry) taste in their mouth.

You don’t want that. And neither do I.

At A Nomnom Story, you get:


{A marketing and PR specialist who writes strategies and takes care of your PR events, press releases and Social Media communication.}

{A copywriter who not only creates resonant copy from scratch, but who provides consultancy on all your food, beverage and lifestyle PR challenges. I help you rise to the top of the German market…no sinking soufflés here (plenty of bad food puns though.)}

{If you need them, accurate and stylish translations of your marketing texts which are every bit as awesome as the original.}

Let’s have a chat and we’ll figure out how I can best help your needs.